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Strategies And Techniques For Analyzing Microbial Population Structures

Marine Biological Laboratory

Summer 2019 notes

Summer 2018 notes

Summer 2017 notes

This is a 10 day course run by the Marine Biological Laboratory that introduces fundamental bioinformatics and statistical methods to graduate students, postdocs and senior researchers in microbiome science

Introduction to R for Data Analysis in the Health Sciences

University of Washington 

Fall 2019 notes available

This 2 credit course introduces R to graduate students in the School of Public Health at the University of Washington

Computational Skills for Biostatistics 1

University of Washington

Spring 2019 notes 

This course treats advanced programming and computing skills for PhD students in Biostatistics

Probability and Statistical Inference

University of Washington, Summer Institutes for Genetics and Modeling in Infectious Disease

Summer 2018 notes available

This as an accelerated course in foundational statistical concepts; co-taught with Jim Hughes (University ofWashington)


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