The statistical diversity lab develops rigorous statistical methods to analyze microbiome and biodiversity data. 


We are a team of statisticians creating methods and software to advance our understanding of microbial ecosystems. Our work spans a wide variety of application areas in human and environmental health. 

We work on what we believe to be the most critical methodological needs in microbial science and the most serious shortcomings of existing analysis methods. Along with our research, we see outreach, education, and collaboration as a core part of this mission.


statistical diversity lab


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Rigorous alpha and beta diversity analysis for microbiome studies

The premier package for statistical analysis of microbial diversity.

Amy Willis, Ph.D.

Amy Willis (she/her) is the Principal Investigator of the Statistical Diversity Lab and an Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Washington. Amy brings her expertise in statistical methods development, high dimensional data, statistical machine learning, phylogenetics and computational biology to develop tools for the analysis of microbiome and biodiversity data. Amy is passionate about reproducible science, meaningful data analysis, ecosystem and host health, and collaborating with scientists who share these values. 


Department of Biostatistics
F-657, Box 357232
Health Sciences Building, 1959 NE Pacific St
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195

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